Sales Representative

Personal Traits

  • Excellent communications skills and ability to think on your feet.
  • Possess the ability to perform mental tasks such as making decisions, learning, thinking rationally and exercising good judgment.
  • Able to achieve short and long term objectives and work under deadlines.


  • Develop ability to meet or exceed annual weighted sales plan after completing the appropriate sales training program.

Sales Activity

  • Consistently meet and exceed all activity functions as assigned by management, and your need to drive sales for booking success. These activities include cold calls, initial presentation qualifying calls, quotation activity, and all other activities as assigned. These will be in written fashion, and measurement will be monthly.

Sales Skills

  • Develop ability to qualify prospects.
  • Able to make effective sales presentations using visual aids and answer questions and objections in a proficient and responsible manner.
  • Able to aggressively manage quotes to close sales.
  • Able to use all professional sales aids and sales tools.

Time Management

  • Able to plan and efficiently schedule appointments and manage personal time.

Surveys and Pricing

  • Learn to appraise and survey HVAC systems; determine repair, modification and/or maintenance requirements.
  • Learn to interpret drawings, equipment and job conditions.
  • Properly apply company pricing policy.

HVAC Systems Knowledge

  • Develop an understanding of HVAC systems to accurately appraise and survey system components and evaluate general system conditions.
  • Learn to recommend the best maintenance program.
  • Able to appraise and survey HVAC systems and components to determine repair, modification and/or maintenance requirements.
  • Learn to interpret drawings, equipment and job conditions.
  • Able to recognize project opportunities.
  • Able to accurately estimate project costs
  • Able to properly apply company pricing policy.

Market Development

  • Able to identify prospects in assigned market.
  • Promptly follow up on leads and referrals.
  • Able to establish customer rapport and identify needs.
  • Able to establish an active backlog of quotes to assure booking goal is met.

Account Expansion

  • Learn to increase existing customer maintenance coverage and/or services.

Customer Relations

  • Promptly address customer concerns.
  • Able to resolve complaints and begin to develop positive relationships.

Sales Presentation Strategy

  • Develop an understanding of the prospect’s organization and decision-making process.
  • Able to anticipate and answer objections.
  • Able to commit the customer to a decision making timetable.

Maintenance Agreement Escalation & Salvage

  • Know the customer and understand market forces to effectively sell price escalations.
  • Promptly respond to notices of cancellation, as directed, with a well-researched salvage plan.

Project Management

  • Able to efficiently and effectively manage projects, including: purchasing materials, equipment and subcontracted work; scheduling and managing labor; effectively communicating with customer; creating and/or providing all required pre-, post-, and mid-job documentation.
  • Ability to consistently redeem estimates

External Relations

  • Build rapport and productive working relationships with customers, vendors and other outside agents.
  • Effectively represent the company’s interests to outside agents to maximize profits.


  • In a timely fashion, prepare complete, clear and concise reports, proposals, booking packages and required company paperwork; maintain written supportive information relative to delays, changes, special conditions and schedules, etc.

Special Projects

  • Provide support for any special projects as assigned by your supervisor. These special projects, at the determination of your supervisor, may or may not become part of the position’s primary responsibilities.
  • Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 20 MB.