Energy Solutions

Sustainability, High Performance, & Power

Grodsky has been at the forefront of Green Building for over 30 years. Our professionals are experienced in working with integrated design teams to design sustainable, LEED certified and high-performance buildings and have been an integral part of many successful projects.

Cogeneration of heating, cooling, and electrical power is another important sustainability consideration for large, complex, and critical facilities and infrastructure. On-site power generation and green energy sources are two of the most effective green initiatives for reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Grodsky’s experience spans both integrated and stand-alone plants, and most types of traditional and alternative energy fuel sources. Let us power your projects into the future.

Energy Solutions

Case Studies

Baystate Hospital of the Future
The Energy Networks (TEN) Cogeneration Plant
One East Pleasant
Kendrick Place
Olympia Place
Leominster Hospital CCHP
WNEU Southwood Dorm
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